Hôtel Centre ville de Honfleur

360 ° visit of the hotel restaurant

The Hotel Les Cascades 50m from the old harbour basin of Honfleur

welcomes groups and coaches who are staying in or visiting Normandy

The location in the historic town center of Honfleur and the layout of the hotel Les Cascades make it an ideal stopover for groups and coach tourists visiting the area. The passengers drop off at the coach station which is only 300 m from our hotel.

Our 17 rooms and our restaurant are at your service with a total capacity of 170 people, divided into three interconnected rooms (90 seats) and two pleasant terraces (50 and 30 seats respectively), one of which is covered and heated.

We propose menus adapted to your budget and the constraints that your schedule imposes. We offer free meals for people accompanying and drivers.

We welcome groups and seminars every day of the week, upon reservation.
Here, in an authentic, pleasant and ideally situated location, whether you are an association, a tour operator, a travel agent, a company or a works council, you will appreciate both the convivial and professional welcome of our team .

Our strong points

In the town center - Free Wi-Fi access - Three restaurant rooms - Gourmet meals adapted and attractive - Terraces


  • Menu A
    • Menu B
      • Menu C
        • Menu D
        • Menu A

          Salade composée- Mixed salad

          Moules marinières -Mussels in white wine sauce

          Terrine maison- Homemade Terrine

          Bulots mayonnaise -Whelks with mayonnaise


          Lapin sauce moutarde- Rabbit in mustard sauce

          Langue sauce piquante- Beef tongue in spicy sauce

          Poulet rôti- Roast chicken

          Raie beurre noisette- Skate in brown butter sauce

          Moules marinières frites- Mussels in white wine sauce with fries


          Fromage ou dessert au choix- Choice of dessert or cheese

          Menu B

          assiette de fruits de mer -seafood platter

          moules marinières -Mussels in white wine sauce

          Terrine de poisson - Fish Terrine

          assiette de charcuterie - pork delicatessen plate


          Pot au feu de la mer - fish and vegetables stew

          Saumon grillé sauce tartare -Grilled salmon with tartare sauce

          Coq au vin-cockerel in wine sauce

          Raie beurre noisette- Skate wing with hazelnut butter

          Bavette à l'échalote


          fromage ou dessert - cheese or dessert

          Menu C

          6 Huîtres- 6 Oysters

          Langoustines mayonnaise -Langoustines with mayonnaise

          Assiette du pêcheur- Fisherman’s Platter

          Saumon Fumé- Smoked salmon

          Foie gras maison - homemade duck foie gras


          Saumon Grillé sauce provençale -Grilled salmon in provençale sauce

          Raie Beurre Noisette- Skate in brown butter sauce

          Filet de Julienne à la Crème - Julienne Filet with cream sauce

          Magret de canard - duck steak

          Pot au feu de la mer - fish and vegetables stew

           possibilité de viandes- Possibility of various meats


          fromage ou salade verte cheese or green salad


          dessert au choix Choice of dessert

          Menu D

          9 Huîtres -9 Oysters

          Saumon Fumé -Smoked salmon

          Salade gourmande (saumon fumé -bloc de foie gras) -Gourmet salad (smoked salmon - duck bloc foie gras)

          Langoustines mayonnaise -Dublin bay prawns with mayonnaise


          Assiette du pêcheur- Fisherman’s Platter

          Amandes farcies -Stuffed clams

          Gambas grillées - Grilled giant prawns

          Saumon grillé sauce tartare- Grilled salmon with tartar sauce


          Raie au beurre noisette - skate

          Entrecôte grillé- Grilled Sirloin

          Entrecôte au poivre -grilled sirloin with peperred sauce

          Pot au feu de la mer - fish and vegetables stew



          ou- or

          Salade- green salad


          Dessert au choix- Choice of Dessert


          1 kir en apéritif -1 kir

          1 quart de vin par personne ou 1 bière pression ou 1 verre de cidre- 1/4 of wine per person or 1 draft beer or 1 cider glass

          1café - 1 coffee